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About ScreenCell

Founded in 2010, ScreenCell is a French company established in Paris and Besançon. It was created with a clear ambition: to develop and produce an innovative technology aimed at enabling rapid detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). All this while ensuring their rapid isolation from the blood of cancer patients.

Once this isolation process is completed, the circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are ready to be subjected to in-depth analysis. Our objective is to obtain their characterization both cytologically, immunologically and molecularly.

ScreenCell and liquid biopsy

ScreenCell plays an important role in the field of liquid biopsy. Unlike traditional tumor biopsy, which involves invasive procedures and has limitations in terms of frequency of monitoring, our technology offers a non-invasive and continuous approach for the analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood.

Primary tumor biopsy is necessary at the time of cancer diagnosis and for detection of targets for therapeutic strategy. However, after tumor removal, CTCs represent the only tumorigenic material remaining, while allowing regular, real-time monitoring of cancer progression.

So, with ScreenCell devices, we are redefining how the world approaches treatment effectiveness, cancer monitoring and early detection of relapse. Providing a simpler and more effective perspective in the fight against disease.

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Our values


Here, our employees are ambitious in everything they do and always aim to achieve objectives to satisfy our customers. However, we do not limit ourselves only to achieving our technical and scientific objectives. Our ambition extends well beyond, nourished by the deep conviction of improving the quality of life of cancer patients.


At ScreenCell, we promote the culture of innovation. To do this, we encourage our employees to look for new solutions and explore new technologies.


Every day, we work with our customers and partners to understand their specific needs and help them achieve their goals.

They trust ScreenCell

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The ScreenCell team

ScreenCell Team

ScreenCell technology, unique know-how

ScreenCell offers you unique know-how for the detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

Our team, bringing together qualified professionals, shines in the fields of cytology, molecular biology and cell culture.

Thanks to our scientific expertise and our commitment to total customer satisfaction, ScreenCell emerges as the optimal choice to meet all tumor cell detection demands.