Non-invasive technology for isolating Rare Circulating Cells

ScreenCell is a simple and innovative technology for isolating Circulating Tumor Cells and potentially any large cell from whole blood or potentially other biological fluids (ascites, urine, pleural and cerebrospinal fluids..)

ScreenCell is a size-based antibody-independent technology applicable to all solid tumors (including melanoma and non-epithelial tumors). ScreenCell also provides easy access to clusters.

Our technology enables a wide range of applications: phenotypical, genotypical, and functional characterization either with fixed or live cells thanks to specific ScreenCell buffers.


  • Easy-to-use, compact, and single-use device
  • Cell size-based isolation device
  • Antibody-independent (ex. EpCam independent)
  • Ability to work on living and fixed cells
  • No instrumentation required
  • Fast isolation process <3 min
  • High recovery rate
  • Technology applicable to all types of solid tumors
  • Access to a wide range of technologies for precision medicine
  • CTCs can be isolated on glass slides compatible with automatic staining systems.

ScreenCell CYTO and MB Kits are CE-IVD.