A specific mission:
Provide Easy and Rapid Access to Circulating Rare Cells

ScreenCell was founded with the objective of designing and producing a simple but revolutionary technology allowing the fast and effective isolating of Rare Circulating Cells yielding free of any bias CTC population amenable to better cellular and molecular characterization important in cancer monitoring. This technology also contributes to the development of a new non-invasive approach to prenatal diagnosis.

ScreenCell’s belief is that just enumerating CTCs without easily characterizing them, is not enough to allow the early detection of disease, the discovery of biomarkers to predict treatment responses and potentially the follow-up of disease progression.

ScreenCell designed a full range of devices compatible with existing Invitro Diagnostics (IVD) assays and platforms, with no need for any interface development.

Screencell is dedicated to creating technologies allowing CTCs to become potential end points in future oncology therapeutic arsenals, by filtering out healthy live tumor cells, thus enabling:

  ■  molecular biology
  ■  cell culture
  ■  enumeration and cytomorphology evaluation

The technology has also demonstrated its advantages for the isolation of Circulating Fetal Cells (CFCs) drawn from peripheral blood of pregnant women, potentially leading to a significantly facilitated and cost- effective process for prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases.

Collaborations with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital, in the USA, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Hôpital Antoine-Béclère, Hôpital Necker and Hôpital de Poissy. in France, and others have proven that today ScreenCell devices are best and most user friendly CTC/CFC isolation devices available.

Deep-Rooted Values

Our identity is based upon down-to-earth values which guide our daily actions:

  A deep conviction
Non-invasive access to tumor cells through peripheral blood is a major issue for a better monitoring of patients with cancer
  An ultimate goal: the patient
We are committed to keeping a view that the patient must be the ultimate goal of our technical developments
  Integrity and respect
We are committed to integrity, full transparency and respect for our customers, colleagues, and shareholders as a basis for improvement

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